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Oh mi gosh this is awesome. I love how the perfect amount of the salad is on the fork and how the lady holds it so far away from her da...

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Bon-Bon's Birthday
   "Happy Birthday Dear Bon-Bon!"
   "Happy Birthday To You!"
   All of the animatronics laughed, cheered, and clapped as the Birthday Song ended.  Bon-Bon looked around him to see all of his friends eyeing him gleefully.  Baby's eyes glistened a bright emerald color and contained pure joy. She had one Bidybab groping onto her hand. The other was on the ground screaming happily with Bonnet's ears trapped in his small hand (seeing that Baby was almost a big sister to the Bidybabs, Bonnet was kind of a family pet).  The pink bunny seemed a bit peeved - actually, EXTREMELY angry with the situation she was in.  Bidybab was like an immature child, unaware that she was irritated with his behavior.  Ballora had her eyes open for once, and she seemed to be anticipating the moment where the rabbit blew out his candles.  Funtime Freddy looked like he was about to blow up with excitement. His fingers balled in and out of fists and his ey
:iconluxray-lightningfang:Luxray-LightningFang 2 6
I'm fucking bored.exe by Luxray-LightningFang I'm fucking bored.exe :iconluxray-lightningfang:Luxray-LightningFang 1 9 Heavy breathing sounds by Luxray-LightningFang Heavy breathing sounds :iconluxray-lightningfang:Luxray-LightningFang 3 5 Thumbs Down by Luxray-LightningFang Thumbs Down :iconluxray-lightningfang:Luxray-LightningFang 3 9 Just Something For While I'm Sick by Luxray-LightningFang Just Something For While I'm Sick :iconluxray-lightningfang:Luxray-LightningFang 0 1 Hmmmmmm les do it again by Luxray-LightningFang Hmmmmmm les do it again :iconluxray-lightningfang:Luxray-LightningFang 0 5 Sleeping Cateu by Luxray-LightningFang Sleeping Cateu :iconluxray-lightningfang:Luxray-LightningFang 12 13
Second Chance
    “Diesel, find!”
    I tugged at the leash, my snout aimed at the ground.  The scent was strong, but the heavy rain that slapped the pavement was starting to wash it away.  My handler, Keith, was trying to keep up with me.  He gave me the find command once more, which basically meant to track the scent.  One word commands, that’s all I ever got.  That’s what I was bred to follow, commands.   After six years of strict training, I’d say I’m extremely obedient.  I’ve done this countless times before, and it's all exactly the same: I lead Keith to the bad guy, they get arrested, rinse and repeat.  The rain beat against my coat, and I grew a bit drowsy (considering it was almost midnight).  I wanted to go to sleep so badly, I’ve been working all day!  However, I work for the police force.  I’m a police dog.  Well, a police Absol if we’
:iconluxray-lightningfang:Luxray-LightningFang 2 0
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It's my school's field day today and I'm staying home...I can't stand field day >n<


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Bitch Ass Cricket
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Hey, dude! My name is Luxray-LighningFang but you can just call me Luxray. My real name is McKenna XD I'm just you're average nerdy fangirl who tries to be nice and likes to make friends whenever I can. I love to chat with people so if you wanna stop by and have a conversation then you can. Feel free to comment on my art, I LOVE feedback. I also LOVE doing roleplays, so just ask me if you want to do one first. I take honors LAL classes, so if you need help with anything Language Arts related such as writing a story just note me. You can talk to me about anything, don't be afraid to talk to me, I promise I won't bite! I enjoy making friends and just a nice person in general (most of the time).

I'm a misunderstood kid. Sometimes, it's not very easy to interact with others ;n; Trust me, I'm very intelligent, but the things I say come across as odd and awkward to other people. I have never been like other people my age. I was always so... different from the rest of them. I was always friendly for as long as I possibly could, but I couldn't do it anymore. My temper got shorter each day, and I cried more and more. People don't cry because they're weak, it's because they've been strong for too long. Not gonna lie, life is downright HARD for me. Every day, all the time. That's why I'm a really good writer. Writing is a break from reality, and believe me, I can't survive without multiple breaks a day. That aside, I am very friendly most of the time. :) Words cannot describe the mental war I go through sometimes, but I am nice whenever I can. I don't bite...usually. Watch out if I do bite; my fangs are laced with electricity >:3

Now that all that crap's outta the way, I'll just list some other little things 'bout me that you probably should know~

1. I am Cradle Catholic. That basically means I was raised Catholic, but I don't believe in anything that IS Catholic. The only thing I don't believe in that's Catholic are saints. For a while, I considered Atheism (I overthink shit, okay?!), but I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I really don't like talking about religion though, so just don't bring that up please.

2. I'm a Furry.

3. My main fandoms are Pokémon, The Lion King, The Loud House, NITW, Warriors, and FNaF. Be prepared to deal with a fanatic (pun intended).

4. I have trypophobia. Don't know what that is? No problem, Google that shit! Good luck, you'll need it >:3 Allmg with that I also have nyctophobia, trypanophobia, and melissophobia. DO NOT EXPOSE ME TO THESE THINGS INTENTIONALLY. You should be taking my phobias seriously since I flip the fuck out when I am exposed to them.

5. *sighs* Alright. I have a sneezing fetish. I've had it ever since I was little. There's nothing I can do. It's just unique wiring in my head. When I was younger, I didn't have the vocabulary to describe what I was feeling. It just made me feel...funny. As I grew older, the feeling grew stronger too. I realized that it wasn't a phase. That's how far I'm gonna go into detail, since I'd think most of you know what "fetish" means.

6. I'm a nerd. But I'm a cool nerd. I only consider myself a nerd because I'm smart, to be honest. No, I'm not like those kind of...creepy nerds *shudders* I'm friendly!

7. My life is an emotional roller coaster. I fight with my parents a lot because they don't understand me. They just...don't. They're constantly making me sooooooooo fucking upset :'( They forbid most of my friendships, but screw it. Which leads me to my next point: I have my moments. Let's admit it, nobody can be happy ALL THE TIME. I become enraged very easily, up to the point where I can't think straight. It is very uncomfortable for me to live sometimes. Whenever I'm feeling down I come here to my friendos. If I sound really pissed, just please, please understand that I can't control myself.

8. I play softball.

9. I'm in middle school.

10. To quote Pumbaa, "I'm a sensitive soul, though I seem thick-skinned." It's true. There are some things that people say that trigger me to get really upset.

11. I loathe chain mail. Please don't send it. I appreciate the fact that you were thinking of me, but even if you do send it, I will simply ignore it.

12. I'm edgy as all living fuck but soft at the same time. Mostly edgy tho. Sometimes I act a teensy bit bipolar, but that's because of my moodswings (I'm not bipolar).

If I think of anything else, I'll add it. This bio is always incomplete :)

MY PRIDE (My Friends In No Order)
:iconbunnyabsentia: :iconcoyoterom: :icondandyandy1989: :icondarrenrosario: :iconfunnytime77: :iconjamie260397: :iconjboy32x: :iconjfmstudios: :iconkabutopsthebadd: :iconkrazymanstudios: :iconmikeeddyadmirer89: :iconmryoshi1996: :iconmysterysneeze: :iconnightly-howler: :iconredpandabrony: :iconsb99stuff: :iconsteve-the-lucario: :icontherandom500: :iconthesupremepokefan: :icontxtoonguy1037: :iconimaginativegenius099: :iconallyynerd: :iconbluerm: :iconku6sc0ut: :iconcaninegalactic: :iconthesapphireminer: :iconcuddlyadopts: :iconcupcake-angels: :icondarkenedstar14: :icondeecat98: :icongoatsante: :iconilovelunaloud: :iconjollilolli: :iconlunar-lex: :iconmidnightflurries03: :iconookamikuna: :iconpouasson-de-oro: :iconsarahgirl1998: :iconmoosiful: :iconspotty-bee: :iconstellawinterpie: :iconstormlover10: :icontakidoodles: :iconthe01angel: :iconthediamondcupcake: :iconvorpalbeasta: :iconwash-rotom: :iconwerwolfgoettin18: :iconxxsashaleaxx: :iconzunolin: :iconthedeadcancer: :iconjustanotherfetish: :iconumarakthehunter: :iconfnati-fal: :iconlokifan18: :iconpotatocakes0w0: :iconedgygaybean: :iconblueswirls1234::iconthepixelkitten:

LUXRAY (The Boys)
:iconbunnyabsentia: :iconcoyoterom: :icondandyandy1989: :icondarrenrosario: :iconfunnytime77: :iconjamie260397: :iconjboy32x: :iconjfmstudios: :iconkabutopsthebadd: :iconkrazymanstudios: :iconmikeeddyadmirer89: :iconmryoshi1996: :iconmysterysneeze: :iconnightly-howler: :iconredpandabrony: :iconsb99stuff: :iconsteve-the-lucario: :icontherandom500: :iconthesupremepokefan: :icontxtoonguy1037: :iconimaginativegenius099: :iconthedeadcancer: :iconumarakthehunter: :iconfnati-fal: :iconedgygaybean:

:iconallyynerd: :iconbluerm: :iconku6sc0ut: :iconcaninegalactic: :iconthesapphireminer: :iconcuddlyadopts: :iconcupcake-angels: :icondarkenedstar14: :icondeecat98: :icongoatsante: :iconilovelunaloud: :iconjollilolli: :iconlunar-lex: :iconmidnightflurries03: :iconookamikuna: :iconpouasson-de-oro: :iconsarahgirl1998: :iconmoosiful: :iconspotty-bee: :iconstellawinterpie: :iconstormlover10: :icontakidoodles: :iconthe01angel: :iconthediamondcupcake: :iconvorpalbeasta: :iconwash-rotom: :iconwerwolfgoettin18: :iconxxsashaleaxx: :iconzunolin: :iconjustanotherfetish: :iconlokifan18: :iconblueswirls1234::iconthepixelkitten:

TOP PRIDE MEMBERS (My Closest, Best Friends) Go Watch These Beebs~
:iconpretzeldoq: ~Most of the time, we understand each other. She's so sweet, and we have similar interests. Amazing art, and she's kinda a big sis to me.
:icondeecat98: ~ Huge Loud House Fan and super kind! My first watcher!
:iconmysterysneeze: ~ He's unbelievably nice, is there for me when I'm upset, and leaves amazing in-depth comments on my work!
:iconstellawinterpie: ~ She's my real life pal at school! She promised to keep everything on here a secret >:3 (if that stuff got out I'd die) but other than that she's so nice and she has cool art! We're currently in a war on who's better- Umbreon or Sylveon? (TEAM UMBREON PEOPLE!)
:iconjustanotherfetish:~ She's AWESOME! We totally understand each other! I really wanna meet her in person, we have the same desires and similar interests! The fandoms we're in are different, but it's those differences that bring us together even more. Her sense of humor is hilarious. Can't wait to meet her via Skype one day!

I Know My Mighty STAMPS Aren't Organized But You Get The Point, I Hope:
roasted by heartemoji Pokemon Stamp by MarkiSan I hate myself -stamp- by charry-photos I'm Not Okay (I Promise) | My Chemical Romance by JustYoungHeroes I talk to my pet Stamp by Stamp221


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DEEcat98 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Digital Artist
So I bet if we were to hear a kitten like sneeze in the Loud House, it's most likely Luna.
Luxray-LightningFang Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I honestly can't confirm that, it could be anyone.
DEEcat98 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
I just want to go for Luna! =D
DEEcat98 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Digital Artist
So remember which Loud House episode revealed one of the sisters having an allergy to something?
Luxray-LightningFang Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Which one was it? I think there were a lot of them...
DEEcat98 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Digital Artist
It was Fool's Paradise where it reveals that Lana has an allergy to rhubarb pie.
Luxray-LightningFang Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
That's what I was thinking. Lori also mentioned in Fed Up that she'd break out if she had cake for dinner.
(1 Reply)
Luxray-LightningFang Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
That was so good! Thanks for sharing:D
DEEcat98 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2017  Student Digital Artist
No prob! Also the person on there is planing on doing more Loud House sneezefics! =D
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